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Is your Ecommerce Store doing Something Wrong?

Walk into a room of ecommerce entrepreneurs and ask what is the most important thing to them. About 80% of them would most likely say sales. Of course. It’s sales that would pay the bills anyway, so why not? Guess what though? Although sales are important to ecommerce entrepreneurs,

Look Up Every Once in Awhile - Audio Den

What influenced your decision to start your e-commerce store? Audio Den started in the 1970’s as a small brick and mortar company based in Long Island, New York. Since that time, the way consumers shop and interact with technology has evolved. We didn’t want to be left be

5 Advanced Marketing Automation Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Conversions

Long ago, owners of brick-and-mortar stores figured out that if a customer came into the store to look for a dress, they were more likely to make a sale by showing her a rack of dresses as opposed to a collection of winter coats. Generic marketing for your eCommerce store

Why you must use a reviews app on your Shopify site

So you have finally caught the ecommerce bug. Congratulations. Welcome to the world of ecommerce. Welcome to Shopify. You have successfully built your store, added your products and everything else. Now, you want to know which are the best shopify apps to add to your store. This post will show

A Happy Employee is a Productive One - Concrete Camouflage

In this episode, we hear from Concrete Camouflage, a 20 year old business born out of the need to solve a problem faced by the business owner himself What influenced your decision to start your e-commerce store? I started Concrete Camouflage over 20 years ago before the concept of e-commerce

The Bircher Bar - Start Now, No matter how small

In this episode of Merchant Stories, we talk to the bircher bar. You’ll learn how this industrious merchant evolved from selling within a market stall to becoming one of the best Artisan Breakfast suppliers. Can you tell us about your store and what you sell? The Bircher Bar is