So you have finally caught the ecommerce bug. Congratulations. Welcome to the world of ecommerce. Welcome to Shopify.

You have successfully built your store, added your products and everything else. Now, you want to know which are the best shopify apps to add to your store. This post will show you why it is  a must to have a Shopify reviews app on your site.

The Statistics say it

Statistics all around us today shows how, as  an online business, you simply cannot do without an ecommerce review system. An infographic published by Invespcro summarises very interesting statistics about product reviews.

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. This is saying that, even before a customer starts looking at what you have for sale, they will be checking out your reviews. Most often, they will Google “your brand + reviews” or “your product + reviews” (eg. “luxury shoes in New York reviews).

Or how about the fact that customers are more likely to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews. Most first time visitors tend to have a bit of skepticism and will mostly buy an item or two just to “try your business out”. However, the stats show that once they see excellent reviews, they are 31% more likely to drop more products in their cart. If these statistics don’t convince you, let me explain further.

Customers look out for reviews

Traditionally, we will seek the opinion of family and friends before we even consider a store let alone take a look at their products. Along came ecommerce stores with that element  missing. If you are that dependent on reviews as a shopper, you found it difficult to make a purchase from an ecommerce store that a family or friend hadn’t used before. However, with the emergence of reviews apps, this problem began to be solved. Now, customers will go to an ecommerce store and deliberately look out for reviews. It answers so much about the product more than the product description does. Not sure about sizing information? You are sure to find a review from someone who confirms that the size they picked was the right one or a step higher or lower than their regular size. Not sure about shipping? Reviews will be available that will say how quickly or how slowly an item they purchased arrived. This goes to show that you simply cannot do without a reviews app on your Shopify site.

Shopify reviews app are more than just plain reviews

The ecommerce review system has evolved to become more than just reviews. Gone are the days when all a Shopify reviews app did was to merely collect and display reviews. These days, features such as commenting on reviews, asking questions and offering coupons have been included in reviews apps on Shopify because they add a  powerful touch. Take commenting on reviews. A customer leaves you a negative review. Hitherto, you would have just hidden this review. The commenting feature now gives you the opportunity to reply to your customer reviews explaining what may have gone wrong. When the review is published along with the answer, it shows that you are a business that takes customer service seriously and also shows you are genuine enough to show your negative reviews along with the positive. Just imagine the great turnaround that is.

Reviews apps are now social

In a 2017 study by Global Web Index, over 30% of all time spent online is spent on social media. That is more than the time spent watching online TV, reading news or even shopping on a store like yours. This means, the more active you are on social media, the more likely you will be noticed by customers and potential customers. Shopify reviews apps are ready for this and now give you the ability to share reviews on social media. The Kudobuzz reviews app for example allows you to automatically share your reviews on Facebook and Twitter up to 24 times a day based on the hourly interval you pick. So guess what you are doing now? You are taking the existing power of product reviews onto the platform that will give you more eyeballs. Imagine how much of an increase in sales that brings to you now!

Convinced and wondering how to add product reviews to your shopify site? Check out the Kudobuzz Reviews and Testimonials app on Shopify.

All the best on your business journey and make the most out of your shopify customer reviews.

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