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Welcome to Kudobuzz Blog
If you are not already familiar with Kudobuzz, we are a leading provider of the review and SEO solutions for e-commerce business of various sizes and platforms around the globe. The Goal of our blog is to provide content that helps our audience to be successful with their ecommerce business. If you like to contribute guest posts to Kudobuzz blog then please go through the following guidelines.
Basic requirements of the content we publish
Successful guest contributions are comprehensive, data-driven, and actionable posts that teach our readers something new about the world of e-commerce and motivate them to act. We look for few things for the content we publish.- The content should be 100% original, ideally between 900-1500 words. - Well researched with all supporting data, links, examples, and screenshots wherever needed. - Follow [these blog formatting tips](https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full) to format your blog post for better readability and SEO. - Have an introduction that attracts interest and makes the reader want to read further.Have a call to action for readers in the end. - Shouldn’t contain any copyrighted material. Have proper credit wherever needed.
The kind of content we look for
Our audience mainly consists of serious e-commerce business owners and marketers. Our community of sellers love actionable ideas that they can put to use right away. We try to publish articles with a lot of such insights in the following areas:- E-commerce Marketing, sales, and growth. - WE-commerce tools & technology. - How to be successful in ecommerce business.

Here are some examples of the kind of content we look for ( actually we look for better content than these 🙂 )

Policy for outbound links:
- You can add relevant links to authority sites or sources wherever necessary. Ideally, the no. of links should be limited to 3-4 but, depending upon the length/type of the content it can be more. - There shouldn’t be multiple links towards same domain. - You can put one link to your website in your short introduction which we will publish along with the blog post.
How to submit a guest post request
Please send an email to the Editor: ian@kudobuzz.com.- Tell us who you are. - Add a couple of links to the posts you have already published. - Suggest your topic (ideally more than one) and state what value your content will provide to the audience of the Kudobuzz blog.
Updated On : May 10, 2018