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Ecommerce Conversion

Tips and tricks on how to increase conversions on your store.

Dzifa Mensah

How To Grow Your Business With Customer Feedback

Customers are the bedrock of every business. For small businesses especially, every single customer is important to the sustenance of the business. This is because small businesses usually have a small customer base. On the brighter side, small businesses have the privilege to build a better relationship with customers, create

Is your Ecommerce Store doing Something Wrong?

Walk into a room of ecommerce entrepreneurs and ask what is the most important thing to them. About 80% of them would most likely say sales. Of course. It’s sales that would pay the bills anyway, so why not? Guess what though? Although sales are important to ecommerce entrepreneurs,
Dzifa Mensah

7 Automated Email Campaigns for eCommerce Businesses

Email marketing is the perfect opportunity to reach out to both prospective and new customers to get them to make a purchase. As an eCommerce brand, you need to actively build your email list and send personalised emails often. Create and send standardised automated emails to your email subscribers or

7 Ways eCommerce Businesses Can Grow Their Sales

Marketing trends are always on the rise. When you look through business magazines or blogs you always see the appearance of new marketing trends and strategies. Of those, the one that is popular and has proven to be effective is one that is termed “growth hacking”. Growth hacking is using

How to Write the Perfect Product Description

Every business wants to make additional sales. However, where many fail is in the way they describe their products. Your product descriptions must be up to par if you want to move prospective customers through your sales funnel. While the product photo may be the first thing that catches the
Abdul-Karim Awaf

14 Sales Tips Every E-commerce Merchant Must Know

Grow sales by building trust with customer reviews, selling on multiple channels, starting a content marketing campaign, implementing a solid SEO strategy, making your store mobile-friendly, making use of influencers, making use of Social Media marketing, etc.