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Ecommerce resources to help you build a profitable ecommerce store.

Dzifa Mensah

How To Successfully Run and Manage A Remote Team

The work world has suddenly being forced to go remote. The COVID-19 pandemic accompanied with the lockdown, self-isolation and quarantine has rendered only two options for businesses - shut down or go remote. Staying at home at this point in life is necessary so that gradually we can flatten the
Dzifa Mensah

A Workbook On How To Write Great Product Descriptions

A great product description gives your potential customers all the relevant details to entice and convince them to make a purchase. Combine a good product image and an outstanding product description and watch your website visitors convert to buyers. This workbook teaches you how to write a great product description
Dzifa Mensah

How To Manage Your eCommerce Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic Period

At every moment we are updated on the effect of the COVID-19 disease worldwide. The nature of the virus, the absence of a vaccine and the way it's transferred from one person to another is causing an increase in anxiety, stress, fear and panic for most people. Another disturbing factor
Dzifa Mensah

Starting a Side Hustle in 2020? 5 Things You Must Know Before You Start.

Side hustles are increasingly becoming a norm. With the rise of the gig economy comes the need to position oneself to make passive income. Moreover, the internet and technology have made it easier to join the gig economy. Previous barriers of transacting business globally and serving customers worldwide have been
Dzifa Mensah

7 Apps You Need To Install On Your Shopify Store

There is an app for every section of running a business on the Shopify App Store - inventory management, social media marketing, email marketing, social proof, customer retention, SEO, customer support just to name a few. Whether free or premium, these apps seek to help you automate your business processes
Suhaidatu Dramani

Why You Should Apply Customer Service Feedback At Your Company

In a competitive market, the customer is king. As an organisation, the surest way to thrive in the ecommerce industry is to keenly listen to our clients. Through our customers’ feedback, we are able to reassess, re-strategize and improve on various sectors of our company to enhance its ability to