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Ecommerce Marketing

Tips on how to leverage digital content, social media platforms, search engines to grow your traffic and sales.

Kena Amoah

How to Start a Blog in 2022

In the world of online marketing and social media, one foundational truth remains: content is king. Despite videos quickly rising in popularity as the leading way to consume content, a great blog is still the key to connecting with your audience. If you are considering starting a blog in 2022,
Kena Amoah

How To Price Your eCommerce Products For Maximum Profit

There's more to eCommerce than just having an online store and letting the money roll in. After all, it is a business, and every successful business has a solid pricing strategy to originate from. Proper product pricing is the make-or-break factor for your eCommerce business in today's competitive market with
Kena Amoah

10 Techniques to Increase Your eCommerce Conversions on Your Wix Store

For eCommerce sellers, more isn't always better. A successful campaign increases sales without breaking the bank. This means you need to find the most effective methods to boost conversions for as many customers as possible. Although eCommerce can seem more complex than selling via an online store, hiring a development
Kena Amoah

10 Apps to Maximize Your Wix Store's Potential

Now that you've created your Wix eCommerce store, you're excited to start selling! However, not all sellers know how to make their online shop stand out in this highly competitive digital marketplace.
Kena Amoah

Supercharge Your eCommerce with Social Proof

Think back to the last time you bought a product. Before you made your purchase, what factors did you take into account? The price of the product? The material used or the warranty provided? In our digital-first society, more people are looking to their social relationships - both personal and
Kena Amoah

Actionable Tactics to Grow Your Wix Store

It's no secret that the online shopping industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom due to the pandemic. Countless e-commerce sites are taking the opportunity to increase their sales this year. Whichever your industry is, if you want to open your e-commerce site, Wix is a great alternative, especially for beginners!