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Merchant Stories

Learn and be inspired by how other online merchants are building their businesses.

Dzifa Mensah

How eCommerce Businesses Can Maximise Paid Ads - Marcus Knight - eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 7

In this episode, we speak to Marcus Knight, one of the co-founders of Prospect Knight, an audience marketing agency in London. Marcus is a Pay-Per-Click expert with a healthy obsession for marketing. We discussed how eCommerce merchants can maximise paid ads to yield effective results. We touched on the ins
Dzifa Mensah

Subtle Yet Effective Ways To Market To Your Target Audience - Luke Knight- eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 6

Our guest for this episode is Luke Knight. Luke is the cofounder of Prospect Knight, an audience marketing agency in London. Their mission is to connect brands with their audience in creative and agile ways. We speak on how to market to your target audience in a subtle yet effective
Dzifa Mensah

How To Grow Your eCommerce Business With Marketing Automation - Giovanni Perri -eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 5

In this episode, we focus on how eCommerce merchants can use marketing automation to grow their businesses and increase revenue. We touch on email marketing, retargeting ads, lead generation and how to grow an email list. Our guest was Giovanni Perri, the Founder of The Growth Hustlers Agency one of
Dzifa Mensah

Walking the extra mile to produce environmentally friendly products: eCommerce A-Z Episode 2

We speak to Anders Ankarlid, CEO of A Good Company focused on creating everyday products with materials that have the least environmental impact. TRANSCRIPTION Introduction You have to give people space for them to be able to grow as well, I think that’s quite a standard phrase just that.
Dzifa Mensah

How To Streamline Your Small Business Structure For Growth - Emily Gerber - eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 3

In the quest to provide affordable professional services for small businesses, Emily Gerber started Gerber Business Solutions.  For the past eight years, Gerber Business Solutions has served as a business consultancy firm helping small businesses in the areas of marketing, process, and technology. Our conversation covers how to outsource some
Dzifa Mensah

How A TV Producer is Building an Unconventional Yoga Apparel Brand - eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 1

In this episode, we interview Tempestt Young, the CEO of Fits4yoga, an unconventional yoga apparel brand. This conversation covers her entrepreneurial journey from 2018 till date and how she’s restructuring her company in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. TRANSCRIPTION Introduction I see that a lot of people get caught