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Great brands use Kudobuzz to grow their social, photos, videos and product reviews.

Naana Mensa

Customer Highlights: Autolast GH boosts customer trust through Kudobuzz reviews

In this post, we take a look at the Autolast GH company and how they're taking advantage of reviews to beat competitors in terms of trust and sales. Looking for high-quality auto parts and accessories in Ghana, West Africa? Look no further than Autolast Ghana! Founded in 2009 by CEO
Naana Mensa

From Skepticism to Confidence: How Body Luxxe Uses Kudobuzz Reviews to Win Over Customers

In today’s Customer highlights, we take a delve into how Body Luxxe increases confidence in their brand using Kudobuzz reviews. Body Luxxe is a 15 year old brand that specializes in creating luxurious, handmade hair and body care products. Officially, its website was launched in 2021. The brand caters
Naana Mensa

Customer highlights: How Bergamot & Flow uses Kudobuzz to help expand growth

In today’s episode of customer highlights, we take a look at how Bergamot & Flow have leveraged Kudobuzz reviews to help them set up and expand their brand. Let’s delve into their story. In this question and answer format, we share the answers directly from Sam, the CEO
Naana Mensa

Customer Highlights: See how Alessandro Andrea Cinausero uses Kudobuzz to pull in potential customers

We will be lifting the curtains on Alessandro Andrea Cinausero Performance Lab, an online coach and sports technician and take a look at how Kudobuzz has impacted their business over time. Introduction Alessandro Andrea Cinausero is a Sports Coach and Master of Sport, with over 10 years of Coaching/Online
Naana Mensa

How to gain more customers and increase brand awareness

In the rapidly evolving world of online commerce, there is the need to promote your brand in order to stand out from the crowd. How better to demonstrate to your potential customers that you are a legitimate online business than to accumulate as many verified recommendations as you can with
Naana Mensa

Increasing your review conversions the Kudobuzz way

In this post, we'll explore the Kudobuzz APM and Campaigns tools and how users are leveraging them to improve the caliber of reviews and the conversion rates of the emails they send out soliciting for reviews. To begin, let's start by examining what the After Purchase Mail(APM) is. What