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Dzifa Mensah

How to Handle Your Mental Health While Building A Sustainable Business - Josh Boone - eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 9

We all like to celebrate entrepreneurs doing cool things and making lots of revenue annually. They become heroes and we idolise them. However, what is the psychological price these entrepreneurs silently pay to achieve their dreams? Is it a constant burn out, loneliness, imposter syndrome, depression or anxiety? In this
Abdul-Karim Awaf

How do I get products for my online store?

Getting the right answers to these questions will help you identify perfect products for your online store, as well as identify where to get constant supplies of the products in a timely manner.

Actionable SEO Strategies for E-Commerce Website Owners

It is absolutely critical that your website ranks higher than the competition on the major search engines...
Dzifa Mensah

How To Smoke Discreetly and Less Harmfully with Genius Pipe - Dyan Ferman - eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 8

The eCommerce A-Z Podcast is aimed at helping eCommerce merchants and entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses. Every week, I interview entrepreneurs and experts to bring you relevant tips and hacks to grow and build your business. In the episode(8), we capture the story of Genuis Pipe founded
Dzifa Mensah

How eCommerce Businesses Can Maximise Paid Ads - Marcus Knight - eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 7

In this episode, we speak to Marcus Knight, one of the co-founders of Prospect Knight, an audience marketing agency in London. Marcus is a Pay-Per-Click expert with a healthy obsession for marketing. We discussed how eCommerce merchants can maximise paid ads to yield effective results. We touched on the ins
Dzifa Mensah

Subtle Yet Effective Ways To Market To Your Target Audience - Luke Knight- eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 6

Our guest for this episode is Luke Knight. Luke is the cofounder of Prospect Knight, an audience marketing agency in London. Their mission is to connect brands with their audience in creative and agile ways. We speak on how to market to your target audience in a subtle yet effective