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Kena Amoah

Story of Rundestiny : How it all started.

We are all gifted individuals and we believe in living up to the dream that is planted in us.
Dzifa Mensah

How eCommerce Merchants Can Use Buyer Psychology To Increase Revenue - Rishi Rawat -eCommerce A-Z Podcast

In this episode, we speak with Rishi Rawat of Frictionless Commerce. Frictionless Commerce helps direct-to-consumer brands increase sales by telling a story that addresses concerns and inspires on-the-fence shoppers to buy. Our conversation focuses on how eCommerce merchants can have a deep understanding of buyer psychology and get into the
Dzifa Mensah

Building The Largest Bollywood-Inspired Online Fashion Shop - Nila Chakraborty eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 10

Our guest for this episode is Nila Chakraborty, a first-generation Indian American with a passion for Indian ethnic wear. Nila is the founder of Shop Bolly Wear, the largest online shop for Bollywood-inspired fashion in Canada and the USA. ShopBollyWear is determined to make shopping for Bollywood-inspired fashion a truly
Abdul-Karim Mohammed Awaf

How to make your website attractive to customers.

Attracting visitors to your website requires being intentional and making sure you offer the best user experience to your visitors.
Dzifa Mensah

How to Handle Your Mental Health While Building A Sustainable Business - Josh Boone - eCommerce A-Z Podcast Episode 9

We all like to celebrate entrepreneurs doing cool things and making lots of revenue annually. They become heroes and we idolise them. However, what is the psychological price these entrepreneurs silently pay to achieve their dreams? Is it a constant burn out, loneliness, imposter syndrome, depression or anxiety? In this
Abdul-Karim Mohammed Awaf

How do I get products for my online store?

Getting the right answers to these questions will help you identify perfect products for your online store, as well as identify where to get constant supplies of the products in a timely manner.