Technology, is one thing that seems to be evolving at a very fast rate. What may matter today would become outdated in no time. Think about ‘dumb’ phones, MP3 players, answering machines, landlines, typewriters, the list is endless. We easily conclude that, what we are used to today may not be as important in the future. And so we ask : “What will be different tomorrow?”

Are you thinking same for product reviews? I hope not. Product reviews unlike other things powered by technology are not going anywhere. They are here to stay. Why are product reviews here to stay? Simple. They have become an inseparable part of our lives. I’ll explain…

People like the approval of others

By our very nature, we all love the approval of others. Based on our personality, there is a difference in how much we depend on this approval. Think back to the time you were in school and aced a quiz. You were so excited right? That was you looking up to the approval of your teacher by the grading of your quiz. No matter how intelligent you think you are, it’s your grades that actually proves it to others. The acing of a quiz is essentially your teacher’s “review” of you. The score your teacher gives you can be likened to the score you pick when reviewing an item.

When you are about to buy a product and begin to look at the product reviews, it does not mean you do not trust your judgment enough. It only means that the approval of others gives you confidence in your own judgment.

People love a good story

Product reviews have come long way. Today, they are so limitless. People can tell an entire story of what happened from the beginning of their purchase to the very end. This is so useful to ecommerce site visitors because it goes beyond the product in question to talk about the entire experience. It highlights the ease of making a purchase on that online store, the packaging and shipping, the customer service and just about anything. It shows how much it’s not only about the product but about everything else that goes into finally having the product in hands.

Site visitors have come to expect these stories in the form of product reviews hence the significance of displaying these reviews. People are ready to part with a little bit more cash if they know they would have a better experience. After all, you get what you pay for. A good story in a long review has more impact. Thus, as an ecommerce store owner, pick a product reviews software that does not restrict the number of words to use when writing a review.

Product reviews are moving onto social media

As I already mentioned, product reviews are evolving at a very fast rate. Apart from the traditional reviews that you see on social media, product reviews software now make it possible to share reviews on social media. This means that these reviews are now being noticed by others in more ways than before.

Over a billion people are logging in to Facebook everyday. Did I hear you say, “Wow” Yes, wow! Knowing this stat, you realise how much social media is now a part of our daily lives. Sharing your reviews on social media now takes the power of reviews, blends it with the power of social media and creates something so powerful beyond our imagination. Our lives have become so social and having reviews on social media now shows how much they are very much here to stay. Reviews shared on social media also opens up the doors for more interaction with the review and so gives both the potential buyer and the ecommerce store owner the chance to share a lot more information about a product – as much information as is needed to make even the most hesitant online shopper more confident about the process.

Product Reviews answer questions

Product reviews will continue to be relevant because they answer questions about a product in many ways beyond what the store owner will traditionally leave on the site. Perhaps you are wondering what happens when you have to exchange or return a product. A review can confirm what is in the returns policy published on the site.

Maybe you are not sure if the sizing information is actually what you think it is. You may have a review that says “I usually wear an S but the S I bought from this shop was a bit too big”. There you have it. Information provided.

Beyond all of this, most product reviews software have introduced the ability to comment on reviews. This feature gives opportunity for the store owner to clarify a review that has been given. When this clarification is given on a negative review, it escalates this review from being a negative one to actually being more positive than some ordinary positive reviews. Why? By the very fact that the negative review has been published, it shows how authentic a shop is by not concealing the review. In addition, answering the review shows that the store owner pays attention to customers or gives good customer service. A number of product reviews software even go the extra mile to create a section where customers can actually ask questions that the store owner can answer.

Stuff become outdated when their relevance diminishes as technology advances. Product reviews however are growing even more powerful with technology. The way in which we interact with reviews today may change but no matter what reviews themselves are here to stay.

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