Email marketing is the perfect opportunity to reach out to both prospective and new customers to get them to make a purchase. As an eCommerce brand, you need to actively build your email list and send personalised emails often. Create and send standardised automated emails to your email subscribers or customers depending on the stage of their buying journey.

Right from when you receive the email address of a prospect till when a purchase is made, there are several email campaigns you can send to nudge them in the right direction. We have curated seven automated email campaigns you should implement to grow your revenue.

Welcome Emails

A welcome email must be sent right after a person subscribes to your email list. The welcome email must be promotional and value-driven. Briefly introduce your business and tell them the story behind your brand. Then, list the range of products and services available and give them an incentive to make a purchase. The incentive can be a discount or even free shipping. It doesn’t have to cost much to make them happy. Finally, ask them to follow your business on their favourite social media platforms, take pictures of the products they purchase and tag your brand on social media. Make sure you personalise this email, inserting their names were necessary. Your welcome email should have your brand personality and be relatable to your readers.

Thank You Emails

Just like how you would show gratitude after your customers purchase from you if you owned a brick-and-mortar store or had a face-to-face experience with them, you need to do same in an email format. Whenever a purchase is made, send a Thank You email outlining how grateful you are for their purchase and tell them to simply shop from your brand again. If you have a loyalty or rewards program, sign them up on it and tell them about it in your Thank You email. Let your email show appreciation, inform them how much they matter to the growth of your business and leave a call to action for them to shop again. Bonus points if you give them a referral discount code to invite their friends and family to shop with you.

AllBirds Thank You Email

Sales and Price Reduction

We all love sales!!! Sales rack in lots of revenue for brands when done appropriately. For every sale you run, make sure awareness is done on time, communicate the terms and conditions and sensitise your customers on what to expect. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales are the biggest sales anticipated annually by customers. Send emails ahead of time to instruct your customers on what to expect during these sales and how to shop successfully. Communication is key during sales. Please over-communicate to your customers and send multiple emails if you have to.


Discounts are great ways of getting customers to make purchases and at the same time letting go of old stock. Discounts help customers who have been eyeing certain products finally make a purchase. Use discounts to rake in revenue often. For every campaign listed in this article, discount can be a great incentive to accompany it. As a standalone, discounts can be done in a countdown format so that your customers can attach urgency to it and rush to purchase items within your expressed time frame.

ASOS Discount Campaign


Announce your new stock, new features or even things which have been out of stock for a while via email campaigns. Start a weekly or monthly newsletter showing new products and giving them news and information about your business. If you plan on giving free delivery for a period, send a newsletter informing your customers about it. By all means make it a point to stay in constant communication with your customers via your newsletter.

ASOS Announcement Campaign for IVY PARK

Abandon Cart Emails

Some customers add items to their shopping basket and abandon them at checkout. Cart abandon emails serves as a reminder to shoppers of the items they almost paid for and encourage them to come back to finish the purchase. With an average of 69% of online carts being abandoned by users, it is only right that you set up an automated cart abandonment emails to lower your rates.

There are three types of cart abandonment emails to send between the time a cart is abandoned to about 4 days later.

The first email should be sent within 10 to 30 minutes after a cart is abandoned. This email should seek to understand why the customer failed to complete a purchase. Ask what went wrong in your email and seek for feedback. Give them a way to reach you if they encountered any challenges completing their purchase.

Rent The Runway Cart Abandonment

The second email should be sent within 24 hours after the cart abandonment. The email should create a sense of urgency. Recommend other products similar to the ones they have in their carts, mention how fast the items are selling and give them a cart expiration date.

RedRokk Cart Abandonment

The third email should be sent within 3 to 4 days after the cart abandonment. This email should entice them to make the purchase. Offer a time limited discount to encourage customers to make the purchase immediately. Another alternative is to offer free shipping.

Wick and Wire Cart Abandonment 

The good news is that 45% of cart abandonment email are opened; 21% of all emails are clicked on and 50% of the users who clicked purchase.

Customer Reviews Emails

Customer reviews serve as social proof to convince new visitors about the credibility of your products and brands. They are as powerful as word of mouth recommendations and they serve as great validation for your business. After a customer makes a purchase, send an automated email asking for feedback of their experience, tell them to share the good, bad and ugly. Display the good feedback on your site and let the negative feedback to inform you of the expectations of your customers and help you to do better.

Tailor Brand Reviews Email

Email marketing remains one of the effective ways of communicating with your customers. When done rightly, it can help you build a loyal following and increase your revenue. Try out these seven automated campaigns to develop a better relationship with your customers.

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