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Kena Amoah

Kena Amoah

Actionable Tactics to Grow Your Wix Store

It's no secret that the online shopping industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom due to the pandemic. Countless e-commerce sites are taking the opportunity to increase their sales this year. Whichever your industry is, if you want to open your e-commerce site, Wix is a great alternative, especially for beginners!
Kena Amoah

Wix Vs. Shopify Vs. BigCommerce: Which One Should You Choose?

Are you thinking about starting an eCommerce store? You might have chosen what you’re going to sell and started mapping out a marketing plan. But before you can begin these tasks, you’re going to need a reliable platform to send all of your customers to. A quick Google
Kena Amoah

How to promote your Shopify store for free

Having your store on Shopify is a good step in the right direction. Why? Shopify is one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms and suits all businesses regardless of their size. However, there's more work to do if your dream is to build a brand for your product or use
Kena Amoah

Story of Rundestiny : How it all started.

We are all gifted individuals and we believe in living up to the dream that is planted in us.
Kena Amoah

Need Honest Feedback from your Ecommerce Customers?

Elon Musk’s quote sums up every reason you should actively seek feedback as an ecommerce store. Without feedback there’s no way to tell whether you should keep doing the things you are doing or whether you should start doing things in different way. Seeking feedback is tedious. But
Kena Amoah

Nature Boy Products Case Study

What’s the story behind Nature Boy Products? It started out as an idea to create a natural oil to tame my rough beard. Once I realized I created something awesome, the idea began to evolve into something much larger. From there, we spent 18 months developing and researching until