Having your store on Shopify is a good step in the right direction. Why? Shopify is one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms and suits all businesses regardless of their size. However, there's more work to do if your dream is to build a brand for your product or use Shopify to scale up your business. It's not enough to have a product, you have to take the giant step of converting your prospects to clients, keep existing clients and write your product name in their mind always. Wondering how to do it? Here are 5 powerful killer shots to promote your Shopify store for Free and turn your business around.

5 Marketing Killer Tips To Promote Your Shopify Store For Free.

  • Use Influencers To Market Your Product.

Influencers are people or websites who have built a commanding presence and with a large number of followers. You can also refer to them as authority figures in different fields. Psychology has shown that people tend to imitate what top celebrities do and that's why influencer marketing works. People tend to buy, wear or use whatever they see people they consider idols use. Influencers have now adopted the use of social media to reach out to their large followers because it's now a digital world.

However, I recommend that you check the engaging rate of the messages of influencers before contacting them through emails to help you market your Shopify store. Luck may shine on your way to get a free advertisement, alternatively, you can offer a product for free in exchange for their post. I suggest you use Instagram and Twitter influencers. Imagine if it's your product that was tweeted or posted to a follower of 1 million?

  • Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is the go-to plug for people willing to learn about products with videos. Trust me, videos have a high engagement and conversion rate. Here's why! People consider videos to be similar to an in-person consultation or training hence people tend to follow up with the lead more. If your niche is not saturated, I'd recommend that starting a YouTube channel should top your to-do list. Remember to drop your Shopify store address and link your bio and description of each video you upload to also help you build organic backlinks.

  • Use Email Marketing

Getting repeat buyers is one of the toughest nuts to crack as an e-commerce entrepreneur. While you may run plenty of ads to get your audience to buy your products, making them buy from you and not your competitor is another fight you have to be strategic about. Guess what? Email marketing helps you solve that worry effortlessly. Sending your buyers' daily mail teaching them how to do things faster, or more effectively could be a hack to keep your brand in the mind of your buyers. It should not always be about selling them your product, but more about providing them with value.

  • Blog

Blogging is a guaranteed way to gain new buyers and grow your Shopify store. This infographic attests to the fact that companies blogging regularly have a more digital presence and higher SEO traffic compared to companies that do not blog. Blogging is an effective way to market your product because you are advertising directly to your audience. It is pertinent to say that while blogging, you should make use of positive times and languages that help buyers to believe in your products rather than expressing fear or doubt. After all, consumers' belief is a company's greatest asset. Blogging helps you to build a large base of value loyal buyers. Remember 60% of consumers become confident and positive about a company after reading its blog.

  • Start A Podcast

The resurgence of podcasts to market products has received great acceptability from consumers and the conversion rate has been quite encouraging. You don't want to miss out on a chance to speak to your audience with your voice doing the powerful magic of winning you new buyers and helping you keep repeat buyers. With each word, you launch a powerful marketing shot that rings in the ears of your audience anytime they want to buy a product.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your Shopify store visibility and generating more traffic is a well-thought decision to increase your product sales and also increase your revenue. It is pertinent to say that no matter the strategy you opt for to advertise your store, getting results may not be instant so you may need to be patient.

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