For our merchant story this month, we will be sharing with you the story of Rundestiny. Rundestiny offers more than personalised gifts for any occasion.  

Tell us how it all started

We started our business in the year 2020. Our inspiration started way back from Sierra Leone Africa and it built up from our love of wanting to create and to serve.

Rundestiny now calls Manchester home, but the story begins over 3000 miles away in Sierra Leone. Both of Rundestiny’s founders were born there and draw on their African heritage and that of each of their mothers, who first sowed the seed of working with African fabric and cloth. One began with a small, unpicking cloth when asked until that seed grew into something bigger. The other watched on as her mother practiced the ancient art form of Batik, a method of African wax printing. Their African heritage is now aptly woven with influences from years in Europe and is what makes Rundestiny so special.

The inspiration for our name was drawn from a quote from the author T. D. Jakes. He speaks of running after your destiny, of chasing your dreams, something that resonated strongly with our founders. Our Values are innovative, creative, open-minded.

Why do you do what you do

Here at Rundestiny we strongly believe that everyone, no matter where you come from or who you are, is wonderful and unique. Everything we create is with this in mind, which is why our products are so personal to each customer. We love that every day we get to create things that will resonate with many different people and cultures. It’s why we do what we do.

How do you deal with fear and imposter syndrome? Any advice for upcoming e-commerce entrepreneurs?

There is no such thing like fear. When you really want something and really hungry to make a difference in life. You don't see fear, the only thing you see is the outcome, the solution to work hard and smart, to be determined, and to discipline yourself. There are days we just feel like pulling off our hair. That is okay to feel like that, but don't stay too long on that feeling. Pick yourself up and get on with it. Make up your mind that there is no other way out, than to be successful at who you want to become and be thankful for the challenges, because they are the drive towards your success.

The number one key to overcome fear is to put faith ahead of all that emotional laundries of fear. Whatever your beliefs, have strong faith that there is a mighty power behind the dream that you are trying to possess. You will go to bed and the first thing that wakes you up in the morning is the joy of seeing your dreams come true. Meditate pray and visualize how you can contribute to the world. How many people you can help when you succeed, how many people you can lift up and those who look up to you, how much hope and happiness you will bring to their life. Don't give up, no matter what, keep trying until one fine day, the door will open, the break through. When that day comes you will celebrate, you will rejoice and be thankful for every success you achieved towards your mission.

Rundestiny's online store is built with Wix , a Kudobuzz partner.

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