In an effort of empowering our readers and merchants alike, Kudobuzz has in recent times engaged top industry players whose thoughts and ideas continue to shape and glitter the eCommerce industry in one-on-one conversations.

This month, we interview MyBizMarketer founder, Eunice Nyandat. She’s a technology enthusiast and loves to see the number of women rise in the industry. Read on to know more about her story.

Eunice Nyandat, Founder of MyBizMarketer(MBM) based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her first taste of entrepreneurship was as a product manager of $100M Managed Cyber Security Product in the US after which she co-founded a lifestyle management company in Atlanta GA. Three years later, she pivoted and founded MyBizMarketer, a Digital Marketing, Advertising Product Management and Analytics firm.

In 2014, she ventured into the Kenyan market and fully transitioned to Nairobi in 2016. In her short time in Kenya, she has worked with a number of companies in the technology, telecom, cosmetics, e-commerce, education, agriculture and healthcare industries.

​Eunice is​ a geek and a technology enthusiast who loves a perfect mix of technology and creativity. Her hobbies include mentoring startup founders and female entrepreneurs. She has worked with Startup Weekend Education (#Edtech) since 2016 and recently with the Nairobi Innovation Week in 2018 and 2019. She started the Startup Weekend for Women Entrepreneurs​ in 2018 which launched 4 startups​. The next Startup Weekend for Women Entrepreneurs​ Bootcamp is scheduled for June 7th-9th 2019.  

  • What are your current goals?

My current goal is to grow the number of women-led startups in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

  • Which is most important to your organization—mission, core values or vision?

We seek to hit our goals as a company, produce commendable results, get the best ROI and provide great services for our customers. These customers come to us because we are the experts and we know how best to execute with their marketing plans given their budget and constraints. Hence, we promise value and repeatable action plans.

  • How did you decide this was the industry you wanted to dominate? Or how did you find yourself in this industry?

In my stint as a product manager, I fell in love with the creative bits that involve technology and realized that digital marketing cannot exist without technology. I then found my home in this field.

  • What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as an industry leader?

The digital marketing space is forever evolving and we have to be on our toes at all times. I am constantly learning, taking deep dives in tech solutions, figuring out different ways of using tech solution to get the goals we have set for ourselves and our customers. We also partner with solution providers and experts to get the most out of everything.

  • Did you have any formal education in this space or you schooled yourself via books and online courses?

I have a Master’s Degree in Business and Marketing; however, Digital Marketing, Advertising Analytics or Product Management are all self-taught through books and online resources coupled with work experience I have gained over time.

  • What does your industry look like a year from now? Five years? Ten years?

Marketers, should expect to get technical with big data, AI and Machine Learning. For businesses, customer services will take a stronger hold as a marketing channel, customer experiences and personalisation. Businesses will know their customer base well enough through AI, big data, machine learning, etc.

  • Are you mentoring anyone? If yes, would you encourage everyone to get a mentor and why?

Yes! For every chance I get, I try and mentor someone. I encourage everyone to get a mentor. Mentors help and guide you to the right path, and open doors and networks for you. Thus, reducing the number of missteps in career choices or decisions and help expedite your professional and personal growth.

  • What’s the most important factor you consider when hiring someone?

I look for passion, the desire to learn, and desire to be the best at what the person does.

  • Which one thing do you wish you would have done differently?

I would have looked for mentors earlier. I would not have been afraid to try, and I would have taken more risks.

  • What would you advise a new e-commerce merchant to get a grasp on with regards to your industry?

For any new e-commerce merchant out there, focus on customer service and service delivery. Nail that and you have won half of the battle. Know your market, do your market research and don’t just copy what other merchants are doing. Find a niche and be the best at it.

Follow her personal and business accounts on Twitter @EuniceNyandat @Mybizmarketer @SWWENairobi

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