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Expert Interviews


Kudobuzz Interview with Jason Falls

Ever heard of the saying, “The best way to learn is to teach someone else”? Well, Jason Falls opted to give a true meaning to this quote by authoring a series of life-transforming books aimed at shedding light on his rich exposure in the eCommerce world. In this edition of

Kudobuzz Interview with Dianna Booher

One thing that unites all achievers throughout human history is their passion for reading. It’s not surprising that when asked about the secret to success, Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, pointed to a stack of books and said, “read 500 pages of this every day”. As a merchant,

Kudobuzz Interview with Charlene Li

The great Roman philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero once said: "A room without books is like a body without a soul." This quote brings into sharp focus the importance of books in every aspect of life. In this episode of our series of interviews with top industry influencers, Kudobuzz throws the

Kudobuzz Interview with Eunice Nyandat

In an effort of empowering our readers and merchants alike, Kudobuzz has in recent times engaged top industry players whose thoughts and ideas continue to shape and glitter the eCommerce industry in one-on-one conversations. This month, we interview MyBizMarketer founder, Eunice Nyandat. She’s a technology enthusiast and loves to

Kudobuzz Interview with Bill Mew

In our first interview for this quarter, we share an eye opening conversation we had with Bill Mew. He is a former officer in the Royal Navy, a former global communications leader for IBM’s Financial Services Sector - the top global fintech player, and former cloud strategist for UKCloud

Kudobuzz Interview with David Amerland

In today's interview series, we talk to David Amerland. David Amerland helps multi-national clients and start-ups to organize their SEO and Social Media strategies. He is a business journalist, author and international speaker. He blogs about social media and search engine optimization, writes for a number of prominent websites including