It's no secret that the online shopping industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom due to the pandemic. Countless e-commerce sites are taking the opportunity to increase their sales this year.

Whichever your industry is, if you want to open your e-commerce site, Wix is a great alternative, especially for beginners! There are thousands of strategies you can implement on Wix to promote your business.

And, fortunately, Wix E-Commerce is compatible with all payment methods – from credit cards and to PayPal. And the best part is that it does not charge commissions! Today, you will learn the best tactics to grow your Wix e-commerce and turn your leads into loyal customers.

Here are some of the best ways to grow your Wix store

Influencer Marketing

Influencers can get thousands, or even millions, of fans and followers who could potentially become loyal customers! Both big brands and small businesses turn to micro-influencers and influencers, depending on their budget, and for a good reason.

Marketing experts claim that influencer marketing is highly effective, and a whopping  80% say that influencer marketing has a high return on investment (ROI).  Overall, influencer marketing is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness, visibility, trust, clicks, traffic, and conversion rate.  

To illustrate this better, imagine this: would you trust your favorite influencer's advice instead of that of an ad or a cold email? Pushing your products or services through an influencer can be extremely profitable because it is the ultimate word of mouth. In other words, a powerful tool.

Besides, there are so many influencers to choose from that you can select the ones who align the most with your brand values (and so will the leads that come from them, thus, increasing your chances of converting complete strangers into potential brand lovers).  

So, if you are thinking of starting your first influencer marketing campaign, and you don't know where to start from, here is what you can do:

  1. Research your industry and niche authority figures.
  2. Select a few names that pop up. Make sure to create a list of candidates, from influencers to micro-influencers. Do not fix your mind around just one, as you will have to evaluate different aspects. Especially whether they want to work with you or not.
  3. Once you find your best picks, make sure they are real, meaning, they have a real following and an engaged audience. For that, you can use Ninjalitics, a free tool that allows you to analyze profiles.
  4. Finally, define the type of agreement you are going to make with the influencer – which will depend on the budget (or free products or services) to determine the number of publications he or she should make about your brand.

Influencer marketing is also a great way to improve your website and social media’s SEO strategy. When you do this, you will multiply your chances of being found by your ideal customer, and you will appear on searches.

Boost Your Wix SEO

SEO stands for "search engine optimization." In other words, it involves the process of improving a website to increase its visibility for relevant searches. Fortunately, Wix has its own SEO Wiz, so you won't even have to hire an external service.

Wix SEO Wiz is a type of personal assistant for SEO that guides the user step by step, so it's very user-friendly. You can find it on the dashboard. Once you find it, you'll answer some basic questions, fill in your keywords, and the Wiz will instantly provide you with a plan. This plan includes all you need to rank higher on Google, Bing, and other search engines.  

But that is not all you can do. Wix offers amazing apps you can add to make your site unique and improve user experience, boost your SEO, and build trust. One of these apps is Rabbit SEO, an app that optimizes your site to make it more discoverable.

Rabbit SEO allows the user to find and monitor the right keywords, improve and optimize landing pages, discover the keywords your competitors use, and boost traffic. Additionally, it also analyzes your competitors’ landing pages and where they get their traffic from. But it also monitors your ranks and backlinks and provides key data to engage the users.

As you can see, Rabbit SEO is an excellent tool to grow your site. The best thing about it is that it is free, although it also offers a premium plan. Regardless of the free and premium plan, Rabbit SEO is highly popular among its users, with a solid 4.6-star review and great reviews.

So, if you truly want to improve your site’s SEO and increase your chances to convert leads, this app will be an extraordinary add-on – especially if you combine your efforts to improve your SEO with your ability to capture leads, which takes us to the next point.

Add an Email Opt-in

There's no doubt that email marketing is a great tool for sales. Many businesses use it, and believe it or not, it still works. However, the key to a successful email campaign is segmentation, which allows you to personalize the messages, thus converting more. This way you will not only ensure that the email doesn't end up in the spam folder, but that it also gets opened and read! The more relatable, the better.

A good email opt-in is Wix Forms, which has two ways to turn visitors into subscribers by either using a subscribe form or adding an opt-in. A subscriber form is when you submit a form and automatically become an email subscriber. While a subscriber opt-in is a checkbox where the user decides whether they would like to subscribe or not.

Adding an email opt-in allows you to increase your contact list. By increasing your subscriber contact list, you build a baseline of leads who not only already know about you, but who also choose willingly to receive news, offers, and discounts. This is a great way to re-target customers or to convert warm leads.

Our email opt-in Wix app pick is Mailchimp Forms, a free tool that allows you to capture subscribers. However, it should be noted that it does not cover unlimited subscriptions. To receive unlimited subscriptions, you may want to find other premium tools.

Mailchimp forms include:  

  • Popup and Embed Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Automated Welcome Emails
  • Email Blasts
  • Mailchimp Form Designs
  • Discount Coupons
  • Page-Level Targeting
  • Entry/Exit Technology
  • Analytics

Emails are also a great tool to retarget leads who may have left abandoned items in the cart. Let’s see how we can do this.  

Prevent Cart Abandonment and Boost your Sales

A fabulous way to increase sales and obtain user retention is to re-target buyers who left their carts abandoned. This occurs when a shopper adds an item to their cart and leaves. Don't stress out, you can still close those sales by automatically sending them a personalized email about the item that was left in the cart and a direct link to complete the purchase.  

Fortunately, Wix keeps the customers' email addresses, so you can send them automated emails reminding them about their abandoned orders through Wix Automations. In fact, the cool thing about retargeting is that they work — and they have a significantly higher conversion rate than cold outreach.

Another thing you can try is Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery app. This app allows you to browse abandonment, order receipts, fulfillment updates, and more. This 5-star review app is an excellent way to push multichannel marketing, from SMS messages, email marketing, Facebook Messenger chats to web notifications. A multichannel cart recovery strategy allows you to increase revenue and conversion rates by getting your leads directly back to check out.

Build Trust

Finally, a tactic that should be a part of your marketing and sales strategy is building trust. Trust is a key factor that plays a huge role in the decision-making process of making a purchase. Research shows that 67% of online purchases come from consumers who trust an online marketplace.

Building trust is not an impossible task – to do this, you can easily use apps like Kudobuzz, which is available on the Wix App Store. Kudobuzz allows you to collect and showcase reviews, ratings, and photos. With this app, you can sync all your verified reviews from other social media channels and showcase them on your website. This is a great tool to build trust, which increases your conversion rate. Similarly, it will also help you drive traffic and sales.

Trust is indispensable for any transaction, especially in an online marketplace. So, e-commerce businesses must learn how to build and manage customers' trust in order to get sales, form connections, and attract new customers.

Fortunately, Kudobuzz offers a free plan, and it includes the following features:

  • Generate Reviews on Autopilot.
  • Increase Traffic and Sales by Showcasing reviews.
  • Review Commenting.
  • Improve your SEO.

Kudobuzz users claim that the app has helped them build more trust and increase conversion rate. They also claim they are very happy with the live support. We are pleased to say that our team works hard to ensure that all users are happy and can easily navigate and install the app.

On top of that, all Kudobuzz widgets are mobile-optimized and responsive. Besides, it is fully customizable to fit your brand colors, layout, language, logos, and more. Kudobuzz is your chance to get instant real testimonials and even moderate unhappy testimonials.

Final Takeaways

Organic traffic for e-commerce has never been easier. And with patience and the tips you learned today, you can now improve your organic reach and growth. This way, you will be able to rank higher on search engines like Google, increase clicks, traffic to your website, and most importantly, turning those leads into paying customers.

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