To see new places and learn about new cultures, travel is highly recommended. Depending on where you’re going to, travel can be expensive. Hence, you need to have a detailed itinerary of your days and a budget to make it possible. Whether travelling solo or in a group, you need to maximize seeing all the places available and have a sense of receiving value for the money you will be spending.

However, language remains a barrier to travel amongst other things. When found in a new land with an unfamiliar language, your best bet is using a tour guide who will help translate the foreign language to yours and make it easy for you to navigate the country.

Russian is widely spoken around the world. Besides Russia, 17 other countries speak Russian while some even recognize it as their second official state language. Statistically, roughly 300 million people in the world speak Russian making it the seventh top language in the world.

Liudmila Saburova, a Russian tour guide in London believes every traveller must maximise their experience to broaden their world view. She has 27 years of experience in tourism as a tour guide. As a professional guide to London and England, she conducts individual tours, offers thematic tours, draws up programs, order transport and entrance tickets on her website, London Rus Guide. She’s the perfect plug to an enjoyable visit to London if you’re a Russian speaking person with no or basic fluency in English.

To see popular excursion sites like the Westminster Abbey, British Museum, Oxford, National Gallery and St. Paul’s Cathedral, you can subscribe for themed tours designed for two or three hours and dedicated to pieces of history and culture that made up the mosaic of English life.

The London Rus Guide website is built on Wordpress. Saburova leverages her membership in global tourist organisation, and online presence on Instagram and Facebook to win over clients. She interacts with new clients via email, social media or even vis-a-vis meetings. Booking is done right on her website and direct payment is made via Paypal.

The tour guide market is quite volatile and highly dependent on political and economic changes. Due to this, Saburova is quick to collect and display reviews from her customers on her website to give visitors first-hand knowledge about how well she conducts her professional tour services, encouraging them to use her services.

She draws business inspiration and learns business tips by reading blog posts on the internet. Her simple advice to people thinking of becoming entrepreneurs is to start early.

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