After all the time and effort you put into providing the best products and service, what do you do with those stellar reviews from your grateful customers? Display them for the whole world to see, of course! The more people see your encouraging reviews, the more potential visitors trust your brand; this attracts great business in the long haul.

In thoughts of giving your reviews the highest exposure, we just launched the SEO Minisite feature! We are excited about all the ways this addition will bring more clients your way!

What is SEO Minisite?
Generally, a minisite, also called a microsite is a small site that is somewhat separate and independent from your main site. If you want, it can be on a different domain, with a completely different domain name or slightly similar; you decide. It can also be a landing page, a sub-domain or in a subdirectory of your main domain site.

In the case of Social Reviews’ SEO Minisite, a subdomain is generated for your store where all your published reviews are displayed. It’s designed such that, it can easily be crawled and indexed by search engines, thus your website gets an extra SEO boost.

The subdomain that hosts your SEO Minisite is created by default, when you first sign up to Social Reviews. The minisite has this format: {{handle}} Where {{handle}} is the unique handle generated for your account during its creation.

How to set it up
The minisite comprises two main parts: the basic settings page and the advanced settings page.
Two things to set up on the basic settings page:
The SEO Meta Title
Company description

The former will be used as the meta title for the subdomain. Whereas the Company Description will be a short description of your business. This will be displayed on the ‘About’ section of the minisite which is visible to visitors. It will also be used as the meta description for the minisite.

The advanced settings page has the CNAME, Google verification code and Bing verification code fields. CNAME is an alternate subdomain that gets redirected to another url. To setup a CNAME for the minisite, the format of the CNAME should preferably be reviews.{{domain_name}}, where {{domain_name}} is

As an example, you can have as CNAME point to the default minisite on
After the CNAME has been provided, contact your domain name provider create the CNAME record in order to get the new subdomain working.

The next bit of required information is the ‘Google Verification Code’ and Bing verification code. These codes help Google and Bing verify your ownership of the subdomain you have created. To get these codes, sign up to the respective Google and Bing Webmaster tools.

The Kudobuzz SEO Minisite will not only contribute to/boost your site’s SEO, it will give visitors enough positive assurance to convert them into customers. We built this feature with your business in mind, so go ahead and get it setup so your store performs better on search results.

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