Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fail. – Confucius

Once a while, life hits us when we least expect it. Situations like being laid off at your job, loss of a loved one or bankruptcy can destabilize us and cause several mental health issues like depression. Although, failure is inevitable, gathering the gusto to recover from failure isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. When we eventually do, the lessons garnered can be used as a stepping stone and make the experience worthwhile.

24/7 Best Deals is the perfect example of turning lemons into lemonades. In 2016, Morten Schjønningsen started 24/7 Best Deals, an eCommerce store after suffering his third job loss due to workforce reduction.

After his retrenchment, he took it upon himself to learn how to write code - building websites and apps and hone his digital marketing skills. Later, he spent time promoting online stores and products of brands through affiliate marketing. This experience birthed the idea to start an all-round eCommerce platform to serve the daily needs of individuals, 24/7 Best Deals.

24/7 Best Deals seeks to sell various products at competitive prices with the help of great suppliers and partners in China. Although registered in Norway, the company provides world-class services, great customer support, quality products and free delivery worldwide with a 365 days warranty.

Interestingly, this company is run full-time by two people and integrates tools and automations which has proven to be cost-effective, efficient and lends them extra hands. Because the store is built on Shopify, it has access to an array of apps. The most remarkable app for 24/7 Best Deals is the Kudobuzz SEO app and VITALS app. The Kudobuzz SEO is one of the key apps implemented by the store as it helps them rank high on search engines to drive organic traffic and sales.

For customer acquisition, Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Ads are the main platforms employed. Customer support and retention for the 24/7 team are done through live chat and emails.

Affiliate marketing has yielded the best results for the team. Morten recounts one of his biggest milestone as when they recorded over 100 Affiliate marketers promoting their products and business. This marketing method has fetched them a good number of brand awareness and sales.

Although nothing good comes easy, it doesn't mean it is impossible to build from the ground up after failure. Morten's story is both inspiring and educative. If he could rise from the ashes, what's your excuse?

Check out the 24/7 Best Deals store, buy some items (remember the shipping is free) and like their Facebook page.

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