Whether you smoke tobacco and dry herbs occasionally or regularly, you will admit that smoking discreetly is a huge problem. This is because it is pretty difficult to cover up, amidst the smoke and the scent produced.

It took the founder of Genius Pipe, Dyan Ferman, three years after conceiving the idea of creating a super smooth and clean way to smoke to build the actual product and make it available for the market.

Since getting the product right has always been key to Dyan, he spent a chunk of the time building samples and iterations until Genius Pipe, the perfect solution for a less harmful, same flavour and a cooling smoking experience was birthed.

Genius Pipe is a line of innovative high-end, high-tech portable smoking devices built for a variety of substances that delivers a unique smoking experience for discriminating consumers. It has been described as the smoothest pipe due to its unique ability to filter and cool smoke without water.

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‘They don’t call it genius for nothing.’

Genius Pipe filters out 95 per cent of all tar and resin so that smoke comes out cooler and super clean helping both the smoker and the passive smoker. Cooler smoke also means no more burned lungs and throat, unpleasant experiences and coughing while smoking. ( Tar is the partially combusted particulate matter produced by the burning of tobacco and resin is what damages the mouth by rotting and blackening teeth, damaging gums, and desensitising taste buds.)

Moreover, the water-less filtration technology in the Genius pipe cools down and filters smoke letting you experience the original flavour and aroma of each strain.

It is carefully made from anodised aluminium which is safe and lasts long. Aluminium is one of the safest and non-toxic materials on earth. Hidden inside a Genius Pipe is the patented dimple design that creates millions of micro vortices with every breath. These vortices act as a super clever filter that cleans and cools the smoke without the use of water.

Anodised Aluminium Inside Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe online store was created to give the same experience you would have in a brick-and-mortar store. Using Shopify as the e-commerce platform, the team had the opportunity to integrate with other apps and channels such as the Kudobuzz Review, Instagram, Kudobuzz SEO and Live Chat which helps them connect and interact with their customers daily.

One of the greatest ways of acquiring and retaining customers for the Genius Pipe team has been through The Genius One.

The Genius One is a movement of artists, influencers, partners, stores, contributors and enthusiasts of Genius Pipe who work together to suggest custom designs, provide health advice, recommend Genius Pipe to others, and get rewarded for sharing their Genius experience.

According to Dyan, engaging with Genius Pipe’s community of artists, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs and Genius fans who are part of the Genius One scales growth for both the startup and these individuals.

‘Our business thrives because of our customers, partners, Genius One and collaborators. Therefore, we try to be great partners in all our collaborations with other companies, influencers, personalities and of course our customers. We're always generous and we make sure everyone wins. That and a great line of products has been the secret to our growth.’

Another way of acquiring new customers for Genius Pipe is through reviews. New visitors of the Genius Pipe store have an entire page of credible customer reviews hosted by Kudobuzz Reviews to help them decide which products best suit their needs.

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Over the years, the team has grown to 20 persons with customers rapidly growing and expanding as they develop sales channels in major US cities and abroad in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Although some states have some fear about herb-smoking devices, that's changing quickly as Genius Pipe wishes to capitalize on that to provide safer smoking options.

‘Driving growth and all the authentic brand enthusiasm is the reward we get for the work we do. This makes us want to move faster and more furious.’

As entrepreneurs, finding the right knowledge helps boost our confidence in doing business and gives us the right strategies to implement. Dyan is happy his company is on track on delighting its customers and driving up sales.

Dyan’s most recommended reads or books are Contagious by Jonah Berger, Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson and The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki.

He advised new entrepreneurs to stick with their vision, tune out the haters and naysayers, and treat employees, vendors, affiliates, and distributors with respect. He also stated the need to most importantly have a great product or service.

Genius Pipe is here to disrupt the conventional way of smoking tobacco and dry herbs. Get a Genius Pipe today to help you smoke discreetly and with less harmful chemicals.

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